How it Works

The Product

The Thermonator is a patented cooling headband that enhances the athlete's performance by providing immediate relief from heat-related fatigue.    

Our product is unique in both design and application.  The Thermonator is created with a lightweight fabric that stretches to comfortably match the size and shape of your head.  The headband has six pockets around the head and one pocket that drops down to cover the back of the neck.  The Thermonator comes with seven gel packs which are frozen before being placed one each in one of the seven pockets.  Each gel pack contains non-toxic material that will provide cooling relief for up to 40 minutes after freezing. 

How It Works

The human body's natural cooling process occurs when blood carrying heat from the warm interior of the body circulates to the surface of the skin to cool down.  After cooling, the blood is carried back to the interior of the body.  The brain, which has the highest concentration of blood vessels than any other part of the body, plays a crucial role in this process.  

One of the most effective ways to enhance this process is by applying cooling relief to the blood vessels, including pulse points and the carotid arteries.  Pulse points are locations on the body where arteries allow blood to flow closest to the surface of the skin; the temples are a primary example.  The carotid arteries are found on both sides of the neck and supply blood to the brain, neck, and face. Specifically, the internal carotid artery provides blood to the brain.  Additionally, the hypothalamus gland, the area of the brain that senses and regulates body temperature, is located at the base of the brain. 

The Thermonator simultaneously cools the blood vessels around the circumference of the head, the temples, and the sides and back of the neck, which is why our product is so effective.  

Can the Thermonator Help Control Migraine Pain

Cold therapy and the application of pressure to the forehead and neck are widely accepted as successful treatments for migraine headaches. While there are other treatments that provide pain relief by use of cold therapy or application of pressure, the unique construction of the Thermonator allows for both.  As the Thermonator cools the forehead, temples, back of your neck and base of the skull, it simultaneously applies pressure to these same areas.  Before using the Thermonator you should consult with your physician.