The use of cold therapy for headaches and migraines goes back as many as 150 years.  Applying cold therapy to treat pain and inflammation makes logical sense.  Cold therapy constricts blood vessels and helps reduce the transmission of pain to the brain.  Instead of the brain registering pain, it registers cold.  Also, cooling the blood as it passes through the carotid arteries on both sides of your head helps reduce the inflammation in the brain, which helps lessen the pain of migraines.

The best way to use cold therapy for a headache or migraine is to apply cold for 15 to 20 minutes.  Thermonator headbands are ideal in that the gel packs inserted in the headband are specifically chosen by size to provide relief for approximately 20 minutes.  According to research, an hour in between the application of cold therapy is ideal, which is exactly why a second set of ice packs is included with Thermonator headbands.  After one hour, simply insert the additional set of seven frozen gel packs in the pockets of the headband. Gel packs can be continuously recycled by placing them in the freezer between use.  However, if numbness is experienced the headbands should be removed to prevent damage to the skin.

A second successful treatment for migraines includes the use of the Thermonator headband to induce compression of the temporal arteries.  Compression therapy is a relatively new method for treating migraine headaches. Prolonged compression of the scalp arteries can lessen migraine pain associated with inflammation.  Also, pulse points located on the temples, forehead and neck are relatively close to the surface of the skin.  So close in fact, that your heartbeat can be felt with your hand and fingers.  By compressing these pulse points, pain relief is accentuated. 

Most devices used to control migraine pain, by their very design, do not provide compression therapy.  Head hats and wraps that rely on Velcro, snaps or ties to secure them around the head do not provide for a snug or tight enough fit to induce compression.  Unlike other devices, Thermonator headbands, which are constructed of spandex and nylon, stretch to conform to the contours of the head in a snug and comfortably tight fashion.  Also, unlike many devices used to combat migraine headaches, the Thermonator is lightweight and very comfortable to wear.   

The Thermonator wraps around the head, rather than placing the weight of gel packs on top of the head, which can add unwanted stress when suffering from a migraine.  Hats, caps, wraps, etc., are not as comfortable to wear as the Thermonator headband.  Also, when wearing a Thermonator you can actually use it hands free.  Once put in place there is no need to adjust Velcro, snaps or ties.  You're good to go simply by pulling the Thermonator down over your head.  You won't be embarrassed to wear the Thermonator in front of friends and family or outside your home.  Unlike bulky migraine headwear the Thermonator is lightweight and contoured for the shape of your head.

The Thermonator provides another equally beneficial quality.  Originally designed to cool athletes after physical activity, the Thermonator can be used by wearers in any situation where physical activity leads to being uncomfortably hot.  After running, cycling or yard work in the heat one can simply put on a Thermonator headband to cool down.  Actually, you don't have to wait until your physical activity is over. The Thermonator can be worn during any physical activity to keep one comfortable. See How It Works page for additional information on the benefits of wearing the Thermonator during or after physical activity.

Finally, Thermonator headbands are more efficient, comfortable, and less expensive than other devices reported to relieve the pain of migraine headaches.  Also, unlike other devices such as hats or caps, the Thermonator headband allows for the use of compression therapy, which has been shown, in combination with cold therapy, to be the most effective means of relieving the pain and discomfort of migraines.