"We started using the Thermonator during practices and in our opening game.  We used them primarily during breaks in practices for those who were on the verge of overheating.  During games we used them between offensive and defensive series.  The linemen especially like them.  We have been very pleased with the product and have placed additional orders.”

Bill Edwards, Associate AD/Director of Athletic Training and Sports Medicine - Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers (03/30/2016)

 "Thanks for the great product. It's been clutch."

Larry Reynolds, Senior Athletic Trainer, Memphis Tigers (07/25/2016)

"We played three games during the state tournament.  With temperatures in the nineties my kids wore the Thermonator every game, especially my pitchers who wore them every inning.  They cooled down the kids and provided them with a boost when they returned to the field.  The headbands definitely made a difference during our run to the championship.”

Bill Miller, Coach of the 2017 Kentucky High School State Baseball Champion Pleasure Ridge Park Panthers (08/03/2017)

"We saw great results from using the Thermonator during preseason football camp and had such positive feedback from the athletes that we decided to purchase additional systems for the women's soccer team.  This product is a great edition to help cool athletes off while on the sidelines and we are very satisfied with our purchase."

Bob Mangine, Associate AD/Director of Athletic Training and Sports Medicine - Cincinnati Bearcats (08/23/2017)

"As soon as our players get underneath the tent they love to put the Thermonators on their forehead.  We have a Heisman Trophy winner who loved them.  Every single game he put one on when he went to the sidelines.  Our trainers liked them more than anybody because they didn't have to dip towels in water and put them over the player's heads to cool them down.  It's a great cooling system and you can see the results; the body temperature goes down and you can see the freshness coming back."

Bobby Petrino, Head Football Coach - Louisville Cardinals (07/18/2018)

"The Thermonator. Honestly, there's nothing really like it. You always want to cool down once you come off the field. For the longest time it was just ice towels and stuff like that.  Ever since I got the Thermonator it's the first thing I run to."

Reggie Bonnafon, Carolina Panthers' running back (07/18/2018)


It is well known that most athletic staff personnel feel uncomfortable making endorsements.  However, among those who have embraced the Thermonator technology the following individuals have enthusiastically agreed to share their experiences with interested parties:

Kyle Johnston - Head Athletic Trainer, Miami Dolphins                                     

Clay Keith - Athletic Performance Analyst, Alabama Crimson Tide Football           

Thomas Callans - Head Athletic Trainer, Mississippi State Bulldogs Football

 Mark Smith - Head Athletic Trainer, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Football

 Darrell Turner - Head Athletic Trainer, Memphis Tigers Football